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Palliative Care offers families facing significant health challenges, the opportunity for customized care with creative coordinated team-based approaches that consider a family's values, culture, structure, and faith. 



“I am speechless when I think of your story Dannell. You represent the spirit – the core values – the compassion that is really at the heart of what palliative care is. And your immense love for Levi and your family shines through in each word.


You tell the story of the importance of pediatric palliative care in a way that anyone would resonate with and then connect to the relevance of palliative care in everyone’s life. So grateful I met you. You continue to inspire me.”


Susan Marschalk

Executive Director

Minnesota Network of Hospice and Palliative Care

Parent was Amazing

“One of the most popular speakers was a parent of a child with a life limiting illness. She spoke about the families struggles and also was able to answer questions from the parents perspective. Both of the groups of attendees commented on how meaningful it was to have her be part of the workshop.”

ELNEC Participant Comments

  • “It was very helpful to have a parent who had been though palliative care speak to the experience.”

  • “The parent speaker was amazing her courage to speak and be open with a roomful of strangers was beautiful.”

Jody Chrastek


Fairview Hospice & Home Care

Internationally recognized Pediatric Palliative Expert

You are one of the strongest speakers I have heard. You have a gift for putting words together in a way that helps us understand.”


Rep. Diane Loeffler

Minnesota House of  Representatives